All Standard Frater products are made in UAE. For special requests, they can be supplied from Europe.
Frater can provide 2 to 5 Years warranty depends on the type of products and specification requested based on project’s needs.
Frater factory is located in Dubai, UAE. The products are fabricated and assembled in UAE with components rom reputed brands from European and Far east origins
Frater factory has a Fabrication unit along with an assembly line,& fully automated SMT line, equipped with a internationally accredited lighting laboratory. The facility can accommodate any custom-made fitting request as per the project requirements.
Frater has a dedicated team for all after-sales services including installation testing and commissioning.
Frater has a dedicated Export division operating in more than 22 countries worldwide.
Frater has an extensive range of architectural products covering Indoor, Outdoor and Industrial types.
Frater Brand was created in 1999. For over 22 Years, Frater has been one of the region’s pioneers in lighting.
Frater has a professional team with high expertise in dealing with customers’ needs. With high expertise in lighting, the team can assist with any special requests.
AWRostamani Lumina Certification:
  • ISO 9001: 2015 certification form TUV SUD, for Design, Manufacturer, Assembly & Supply of Lighting Fixtures and Control Gears.
  • ISO 17025: 2017 Certification from EIAC, for Photometry Testing laboratory as a 3rd Party Service Provider. Products Approval, Test Reports and Certifications:
  • SASO Approved Products.
  • CB Certification
  • IEC 60598 Test Reports
  • IP (Ingress Protection) Test Report 
  • IESNA LM-79 Test Reports
  • IESNA LM-82 Test Reports 
  • QCC Approval, Trust Mark for Street Lighting
Frater LED lights have a high rate of energy efficiency reaching delivering upto 150 lumens per watt depending upon the application and fixtures
Frater has its own lab tested facility with ISO 17025 international accredited laboratory
We have a brand called Frater Eco providing 2 years of warranty
Credit facility is available. This will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.